Str8bat Cricket Bat Sensor


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 Benefits of using Str8bat Cricket Bat Sensor

Your Batting Data Lets You Know exactly Where You Need To Improve

The str8bat cricket app provides you data on your:

  • Back lift Angle
  • Bat speed
  • Downswing speed
  • Impact Speed
  • Sweet Spot Percentage
  • Imaoct Pitch Map
  • Wagon wheel of your shots
  • 360 degree 3D Replay of each of your shots
  • A comapre shot feature
  • Access to leaderboard, daily rewards and challenges and so much more!

The str8bat sensor helps  you make data backed decisions and lets you play better every day!


Package Content: 

  1. 1 X Cricket Bat Sensor
  2. 3 X Bat Stickers
  3. Charger & USB cable
  4. User Manual

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