Kindly call us at 732-250 3598 or email us as for pricing information.

  1. Cricket Bat Machine Knocking (10000 Knocks) / Oiling (3-5 days)
  2. Urgent Machine Knocking - No Oiling (Same Day)
  3. Cricket Bat Scuff Sheet Installation
  4. Cricket Bat Rubber Toe Guard Installation
  5. Cricket Bat Epoxy Glue Toe Guard (TopCricketStore Specialty)
  6. Cricket Bat Grip Installation
  7. Cricket Bat Repair Minor Cracks / Splits
  8. Cricket Bat Re-handling (Replace new handle)
  9. Cricket Bat Weight Reduction
  10. Cricket Bat Refurbishment (Remove all Stickers and Bat Cleanup)
  11. Cricket Bat Cleanup and Winterization (Linseed Oil or Premium Linseed Wax) 
  12. Cricket Bat Threading

* Loaner Bats available upon request at No Charge for Bat Services

** Conditions Apply -  We will inspect the bats before fixing to make sure that it fits the above criteria.

You can ship your bat for repairs/services or drop it off at our retail store at 19 Meridian Road Edison, NJ 08820. You will have to bear the shipping cost for both ways. We can provide discounted shipping labels to you upon request.


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