SS Vintage Finisher 3 (Dinesh Karthik) DK English Willow Cricket Bat


Size: SH
Grade: 3
Weight: Medium (2.9-2.10)
Sale price$244.99


SS Vintage Finisher 3 (Dinesh Karthik) DK Cricket English Willow Bat:

The SS DK Finisher 3 cricket bat, expertly crafted from Grade 4 English willow, showcases exceptional durability and strength. Despite minor imperfections on the front face, which have no impact on its performance, this bat remains a reliable weapon. Its low sweet spot makes it the ideal choice for players seeking to unleash powerful shots. The slim and round handle ensures optimal balance, while the broad toes offer a larger striking surface for accurate ball contact. This bat delivers consistent control and formidable power, weighing approximately 2.8 lb and featuring 8 straight grains. The resounding and satisfying ping of the bat attests to its superior quality and exceptional performance. If you're searching for a bat that combines impeccable craftsmanship with top-notch performance, the SS DK Finisher 3 is an excellent option.

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