SS Cricket Linseed Oil 200ml


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SS Cricket Linseed Oil 200ml

Oil for preserving bat before knocking

Comes with a small sponge to apply dime sized amount of oil

Linseed oil is a natural oil extracted from flax seeds and is used as a wood preservative and finish. When applied to cricket bats, it helps to protect the wood from moisture, preventing the bat from becoming waterlogged and reducing the risk of cracking or splitting.

Additionally, linseed oil can help to improve the performance of the cricket bat by increasing the surface hardness and reducing the amount of friction between the bat and the ball. This can result in a greater transfer of energy from the bat to the ball, resulting in better shots and increased power.

To apply linseed oil to a cricket bat, the bat should first be cleaned and sanded to remove any dirt or rough spots. The oil is then applied using a cloth or brush, making sure to cover the entire surface of the bat. The bat should be allowed to dry completely before being used. It is recommended to apply several coats of linseed oil to a new bat before use to help protect and condition the wood.

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