Raydn Revolution Ball for Fast Bowlers and Spinners


Sale price$29.99


Fast Bowlers can use this to increase their back spin and strengthen their fingers.

This spin bowling equipment is nicely designed for wrist spinners may it be leg spinner or off spinner . The advantage of using this equipment is meant for both amateur and advanced spinners both.
Amateur - 1. One can start correcting the grip (how to hold the ball) .
2. Using that grip , one can start spinning the ball with the finger (rolling the ball over the spinning finger).
3. Also one can keep correct wrist position in order to have number of rotations on the ball.

Advanced: 1. It can help them to check their wrist position.
2. Also they can work on number of rotations in single spin which ultimately helps to dip the ball in the air.

The best thing for using this is one can spin as many balls in a day without occupying anyone else whenever and wherever he wants , need not to be outdoors or rolling the arms over.

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