Raydn Mongoose Kashmir Willow Adult Cricket Bat


Size: SH
Weight: Light (2.7-2.8)
Sale price$99.99


Raydn Mongoose Kashmir Willow Adult Cricket Bat
  • Made from premium Kashmir Willow.
  • Specially engineered bat similar to Mongoose Profile bat.
  • Ideal for Tennis ball cricket.
  • Balanced weight for lighter pickup.
  • Full cane round handle for maximum flexibility and shock absorption.
  • Designed for playing attractive shots.
  • Imported cane handle provides excellent shock absorption and gives jerk free performance.
  • Available in size SH.
  • Raydn is TopCricketStore Brand. Meaning: God of Thunder and Lightning in Japanese mythology, this name was given to Raijin (also spelled as Raiden), God of thunder and lightning.

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