MRF Legend VK 18 200 Cricket Bat


Size: SH
Weight: Medium (2.9-2.10)
Sale price$159.99


  • MRF Legend VK 200 English Willow Cricket Bat Size Men is designed for maximum stability as it has even weight all over, which gives you a smooth pick up and a disciplined performance on the pitch.
  • Handpicked one of the world finest English willow.
  • Prototype of the MRF brand ambassador's bat.
  • Autograph by Virat Kohli.
  • The blade of the MRF Virat Kohli bat has lovely middle which will only get better and better as it plays in.
  • Concave back profile.
  • Country of origin: Made in India.
  • MRF Legend VK 200 cricket bat size men uses round shape short handle.

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