MRF Genius Grand Test Edition Cricket Bat


Size: SH
Weight: Medium (2.9-2.10)
Sale price$229.99


Known as the MRF Virat Kohli bat, the MRF Genius Grand Test Edition represents Virat Kohlis signature style of playing on the pitch. This high-quality MRF cricket bat is used and endorsed by Virat Kohli, the ex-captain of Indias test team.

These MRF bats are constructed with MRFs unique technology that allows them to give the right size and shape while still being made conventionally.

These exclusive English Willow bats are one-of-a-kind since they are entirely handcrafted using MRFs innovative cutting-edge technology.

The MRF bat allows the player to achieve astonishing strokes. They are perfect for players who prefer lightweight bats with a springy pick-up.

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