Moonwalkr Junior / Youth Wicket Keeping Pads 2.0


Size: Youth
Color: Blue
Sale price$79.99


This pioneered design has frontal straps with no buckles for better ergonomics and fit. Our shin guards are made of a ballistic-proof composite shell that provides solid protection for keepers as well as close-in fielders.

With their lightweight and agility, these guards make you say “I can do this all day!”

Shins that are In!

The new moonwalkr aesthetic comes with a fresh new look that uses special terry fabric on the inside for better cushioning, sweat absorption, and anti-slip.

For Keeping Shin Guard 


Size Chart as per measurements
Adult Centre of knee to Ankle - 45 cms | Height Range : 5'4" to 6'6"
Youth Centre of knee to Ankle - 42 cms | Height Range : 4'5" to 5'3"

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