LP Advanced Neoprene Tennis And Golf Elbow Wrap

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LP Advanced Neoprene Tennis And Golf Elbow Wrap

Country of Origin - Taiwan

Relieves pain resulting from strained muscles in the forearm during play. Provides comfortable compression for weak or overstressed elbows.

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water with mild soap, rinse thoroughly air dry at room temperature, do not machine wash or dry

For medial epicondylitis. Triangular pressure points offers extra pressure on the muscle in the forearm. Helps relieve pain associated with elbow injuries and weakness, "tennis elbow," "Golf elbow" and muscle strains. Adjustable hook and loop strap allows for greater tension if needed.

  • Sizing: Measure around the elbow joint
  • One size: 7-13"/17.8-33.0cm
  • Indications: Tennis elbow/Golf elbow

Neoprene is used in elbow wraps to offer compression, support, and warmth. This material helps enhance blood flow to the elbow joint, providing pain relief and improved flexibility. Neoprene wraps also stabilize muscles during movement, aiding the healing process. They are versatile, suitable for treating elbow injuries, providing athletic protection, and aiding recovery from severe issues or fractures.

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