Leverage Sping Practice Ball


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  • The SpingBall™ is a revolutionary practice tool for cricket batting and wicket-keeping
  • It is a synthetic ball with special aerodynamics and physical characteristics
  • It swings in the air and deviates off the surface when it is thrown straight
  • With SpingBall™ one can replicate any kind of variation a human bowler can bowl
  • SpingBall™ does not need an expert bowler to throw
  • Anybody can throw SpingBall™ and create variations consistently with the least effort
  • It can be used on any playing surface and best suited for knocking drills
  • Its easy to replicate legendary balls like Wasim Akram Swing and Shane Warne spin with SpingBall™
  • This unique innovation is designed to develop reflexes, hand eye coordination, foot work and timing of batsman


    1. Deviation and swing of the SpingBall™ can be controlled as desired
    2. Create randomized deliveries for best batting practice
    3. SpingBall™ can be used on all types of surfaces (natural / artificial /cemented)
    4. Simulate vicious spin, seaming and swinging deliveries just by throwing/bowling the SpingBall™


    1. Useful in creating unlimited bowling variations for the best batting practice
    2. With SpingBall™ one can produce in-swing, out-swing, off-spin, leg-spin, right-arm and left-arm bowling variations
    3. Can be practiced in a small area (10 feet) to a full length pitch. Wonderful tool for throw-downs
    4. Great tool for improving reflexes, timing, foot work and hand-eye co-ordination
    5. Playing against the SpingBall™ is a challenge. A batsman will improve his concentration and temperament by practicing with the SpingBall™
    6. An effective alternative for a bowling machine
    7. Extremely useful practice tool at an affordable price
    8. Useful for anytime play. Practice it at camp or at home


    1. Made of synthetic material
    2. Protruded seam for gripping the SpingBall™
    3. Apertures on one side of the SpingBall™ and an EXTRA SEAM on the solid side to produce effective swing in air
    4. SIZE -226 mm ( in circumference) ; WEIGHT- 155g
    5. Bat-feel, bounce off the pitch similar to that of a leather cricket ball
    6. Inner core with multiple densities inside the SpingBall™ to create spin and deviation off the surface
    7. Life of the SpingBall™ is twenty times more than that of a quality leather ball

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