Gray-Nicolls Cricket Trunks


Size: Small
Gender: Unisex
Sale price$13.99


Note - Trunks cannot be returned due to hygiene and health reasons. This policy ensures the safety and cleanliness of all customers by preventing the resale of items that could carry contaminants or be unsanitary after use. It is a standard practice in the retail industry to maintain high standards of hygiene and customer trust.

Gray-Nicolls has produced a range of undergarments that cater for all the tastes and needs that cricketers have. Our batting trunks offer modern support and comfort for players looking for an easy solution for their abdo guard.

Made with an easy slide box pocket, you will be able to bat safely in the knowledge that your abdo guard will remain safely in place should you need it. The pocket sits inside the trunk for added security, keeping the box tightly packaged where it is needed.

Ergonomically designed, the trunks will work with your movements and turn into what is essentially a second skin. The elasticated waistband will provide comfort and security for cricketers no matter their body type, allowing you to focus on the job at hand – batting.

If you are looking for a no-frills solution for your batting shorts, consider the Gray-Nicolls Trunks. Comfortable and practical, these are the go-to item you need in your kit bag.

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