Adidas Adipower Vector Mid 20 Cricket Metal Spike Shoes


Size: US 8.5 / UK 8
Type: Metal Spikes
Color: Blue/Orange
Sale price$149.99


The Adidas Adipower Vector Mid 20 Cricket Shoes are designed for cricket players, particularly fast bowlers, offering enhanced stability and comfort. These mid-cut shoes are equipped with a revolutionary BOA tightening system which replaces traditional laces, providing a secure fit and easy adjustments. They feature a 10-spike outsole to help achieve top speed and a flexible mesh forefoot for comfort when planting the foot. Additionally, the beveled heel supports smooth transitions from jumping to landing during play.

The shoes also come with a cushioned midsole that effectively absorbs impact, and their overall construction is aimed at providing rock-solid stability for accurate deliveries. This combination of features makes the shoes suitable for intense sports activities, ensuring both protection and performance​.



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