SG Sanju Samson 14 Original Players Cricket Bat (With SG|Str8bat Sensor)

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Grade: 1
Size: SH
Weight: Medium (2.9-2.10)
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SG Sanju Samson 14 Super Premium Players Cricket Bat

  • Description for Cricket Bat

    • Finest English Willow hard pressed & traditionally shaped for superb stroke
    • Approx 9+ straight grains
    • Imported cane handle with special formulation cork inserts for enhanced flexibility and shock absorption
    • Traditional round cane handle for superior grip and bat control
    • Approx 1160-1200 gm (2.9-2.11 lbs)
    • Full size length approx 85.7 cm (33.7 inches)
    • Depending on player height, suitable for 15 yrs+, if height 171 cms (5’6″ and above)
    • Available sizes – SH
    • Tested for usage against leather ball
    • Comes with a full-length bat case with adjustable carry-straps


  • Description for SG|str8bat Sensor

    SG|Str8bat Sensor – a cricketing revolution that transforms your shot into a masterpiece.

    Elevate your games with this cutting-edge technology that empowers you to perfect your technique, visualize your performance, and dominate the field.

    Measures & gives the instant analysis for most of your batting aspects like:

    -Bat Speed
    -Impact Speed
    -Sweet Spot Percentage
    -360 3D Replay
    -Shot Comparison
    -Wagon Wheel

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