Gray-Nicolls Junior / Youth Cricket Inner Gloves


Size: Youth
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GN Cricket Inner Gloves Junior / Youth

For extra comfort and feel when batting, Gray-Nicolls have produced the fantastic Inner Pro batting glove.
* Designed for batsmen looking for exceptional comfort, the Inner Pro is a fantastic option.
* Made from premium soft cotton, the Inner Pro gloves are beautifully soft, looking after your hands no matter how long spend at the crease.
* The gloves come with an open cuff design which ensures there is no restriction in mobility, crucial as you look to manoeuvre the ball and hit boundaries.
* Our Inner Pro gloves fit exceptionally well, ensuring maximum comfort and fantastic performance, moulding to the hands to feel like a second skin.
* Wearing the Inners will give your batting gloves extra longevity, absorbing the sweat and reducing the abrasion that can shorten the life of gloves.
* If you are looking for an extra edge when batting, giving you better feel on the bat and extreme comfort, we urge you to try the Inner Pro batting gloves.
* Open cuff design gives freedom of movement
* Premium soft cotton for incredible comfort
* The exceptional fit will ensure you perform to your maximum

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